Following the Kitty League Reunion in 2003, by poplar demand Kevin McCann started a bi-monthly News letter named The Bullpen.  It featured updates on former players and their families, history of the league, and in general anything that might interest fans of the Kitty League.  Publication will cease with the November, 2005 edition to allow Kevin to develope a comprehensive history and statistical database on the league as a whole from 1903-1955.  He has written a book on the professional baseball teams from Jackson, Tennessee, Jackson Diamonds.

Found here are articles I have written for The Bullpen
Edd Roush from Kitty to Hall of Fame
Jerry Majercik-the Mighty Mite
Walt Ward-summer of all summers
Hod Lisenbee
Kid Eberfield-the Tabasco Kid
Vito Tamulis with the Yankees
The Shelby Peace All-Time All-Stars

Kitty League Start-up after WWII

The 1946 Managers had been around
The Death of the Kitty
Joe Houser-Home Run Champ
The 20 Inning Contest

Talk About a Long NIght
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