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The Union City Greyhounds played in the KItty League from 1935-55 when the league ceased to operate.  The last three years they were known as the Dodgers and were a class D farm club of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Other major league affiliations were with the St. Louis Cardinals. Cincinnati Reds, and the Cleveland Indians.  If you have materials or memories involving the Union City team, former players, Turner Field,or the Kitty League, you would like to share, email me below. 
Cardinals vs Hounds
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Turner Field
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A season league pass signed by Kitty League President Shelby Peace of Hopkinsville was given to Union City Greyhound club officer, Dave Knox for the 1942 league season.  Mr. Knox only got to use the pass until late June when the league was disbanded because of WWII.  It restarted in 1946.
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Hounds in the Majors
The Greyhounds/Dodgers were always a public owned and operated team,that is it was managed and run by citizens and organizations as a non-profit function.  Often it was more non-profit than it needed to be.  Variously the sponsors were the American Legion Milton-Talley Post 20, The Junior Chamber of Commerce, and the Union City Baseball Association.  Nearly every year was a struggle and the citizen leadership that kept the team going for 20 years could be an inspiration for young people today.  During one of the frequent "public meetings" and "support your local team"drives the following poem was written by Lou Wrather, manager o and local sportscaster, and published in the Union City Daily Messenger in February, 1951.  The Jaycees needed commitments
for 500 season tickets.
It's goodbye to baseball-goodbye to the team
Goodbye to the Greyhounds, and umpires so mean.
No longer will cheers ring up thru the night
As the Hounds take the field to carry on the fight.
Turner Field will be dark, the park empty and sad,
As we remember guys like Hutson, Petschow, and Ladd.
There's Leonard the batboy, his face full of pride
As Neuman swings and the ball takes a ride.
The signs on the scoreboard grow tattered and torn
The Greyhounds uniform no longer are worn.
Around the diamond the winds blow dust
The grandstand screen is starting to rust.
And in the summer that lies just ahead
I'll remember the verdict that pronounced the team dead:
500 tickets or the Greyhounds are done
All the Jaycees could count was fifty-one.
Year By Year With the Hounds in the Kitty
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Nevertheless the citizens rallied in time to save the team and it continued until the league stopped play after the 1955 season.
A Union City hangout


Whatever Happened To....
Walter Ward and Dizzy Dean's Uniform
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Curt Englebright memories
Showdown at Turner Field and
Pitching Marathon
Memories from Spud Hale 1955 Dodgers 

Spring Training At Vero Beach with the class D farm teams

Latest members in the Kitty League Hall of Fame
Church Street PoolRoom
Pictures of 1946 players courtesy of Dutch Neuman
2003 Reunion
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Kharacters in the Kitty
Kharacters in the Kitty   These were orginally published in The Bullpen-a newsletter about the Kitty League published by Kevin McCann. 
1911 and 1912 Kitty team pictures

This membership card in the Association of Professional Ball Players of America was recently found by 88 year old Walt Ward.  The association was founded to fight the "reserved clause" in all contracts. 
Listen to the March of the
Greyhounds.  Original music from 1952.
View the 1937 autographed baseball.
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