My name is Larry Edmundson and I live in Union City, Tennessee.  As a young boy, from 1946 until the close down of the Kitty League in 1955, there were very few days I was not at Turner Field.  Like most kids I hung around hoping to have one of the players acknowledge my presence by calling me by name, or asking if I wanted to play some catch, or join a game of pepper.  Like most kids I thought I would grow up to play in the Kitty, on my way to the majors, or at least the Memphis Chicks.  Then one day I stood beside the batters cage and saw Chuck Templeton bare down on the batters.  I knew I needed to find another life's work.
    After a tour in the Marines, college at UT-Martin, and three years of teaching and coaching, I begain a career in Human Resources with the federal government.  After living and working in Memphis, Charleston, SC, Washington, DC, Honolulu, Jacksonville,  and Pensacola, FL, we retired and came home.  This is one of my retirement projects.  I intended to put it in book form, but that would require a lot of my money up front and a lot of your money to read it.  That's why you find it here for free.  Enjoy your tour and don't miss the year by year write-ups if you are really a Kitty  League fan.
    This site is dedicated to the Greyhound players, the team officials, the fans, and mainly to my grandmother, Evie Edmundson, and my great-uncle, Hugh Edmundson, who never missed a game, and always had a dime for an "ice-cold  drink" for their boys.
    If you have comments or questions about the site, or the team, I would love to hear from you.

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